QUIKSET® is over 100x faster at installing various elements in the ground than the more traditional method of using mixed concrete. Only 6 minutes after applying QUIKSET® a pole is firmly fixed. In after another 15-20 minutes it can be safely loaded with light elements such as fence panels.

QUIKSET® is over 300x lighter than concrete. One 0,7kg bag of QUIKSET® can be substitute for 3 bags of concrete mixture, so 10kg of QUIKSET® can therefore equate to 1000kg of concrete.

QUIKSET® has very high compressive strength. Thanks to this it is more durable than the ground it is installed in. When fixed in soil ground the substrate will always be the weakest link. This is why we can exchange old-fashioned concrete for a new revolutionary resin footing compound and be sure that it will hold safely.

Open, mix, pour and wait 6 mins. THAT IS IT! No wheelbarrows, shovels, heavy bags, water, or electricity. No dirty cars or clothing. Start and finish your job the same day.

Unlike dusty ready concrete mixtures in bags, QUIKSET® will not get your car dirty during transportation. It can even be kept in your jacket pocket. Using QUIKSET® you will not get dirty and when finished there will be almost nothing to clean up.


When fully cured QUIKSET® is waterproof. It protects metal elements against rooting and wooden ones against decay. It doesn’t absorb water like concrete therefore it doesn’t crack when temperatures drop below 0 deg. C

QUIKSET® is flexible. It works together with the installed element absorbing dynamic loads ie. Blowing wind. It doesn’t crack in low temperatures and works very well together with the settled element even if the temperature radically fluctuates.

QUIKSET® allows you to neatly finish the space around the pole. Unlike concrete leaving a wide diameter of solid rock, QUIKSET® doesn’t leave any signs of its use. Within the next few weeks where QUIKSET® was used new grass will grow and create clean and beautiful surroundings.

Unlike with concrete, a pole installed with QUIKSET® can be removed and used again in another place. It is not easy to do, but with a long, sharp tool the pole can be cut out of the footing, cleaned off the cured resin and used for other applications.

QUIKSET® doesn’t require electricity or water. It is extremely convenient when you have limited or no access to such facilities. With QUIKSET® there is no need to even thinking about it, you just simply take it and get installing.


garbage bins

metal fencing

metal fencing

wooden fencing

wooden fencing

road signs

road signs

mast poles

mast poles

information signs

information signs



fences and gates

fences and gates



recreation tables and chairs

recreation tables

animal pens

animal pens



bird houses on poles

bird houses on poles









garden lamps

garden lamps










animal pens

bird houses on poles installation with quikset

playgrounds installed with quikset fast and easy way

swings installed with quikset fast and easy way

roofings installed with quikset fast and easy way

garden lamps installed with quikset fast and easy way

What do our customers use QUIKSET® for ?

Bank in the cemetery
Park post
Panel fence
Assembly of traffic signs
Wooden pergola
Fence pole
Garden lamp


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I had to add 1 fence pole to finish a panel fence. It could not be done earlier, as there was a tree with its roots growing in line with the fence. So QUIKSET® was the only solution.

It took me 30 minutes. I will add here that I was fencing a garden plot without an access to water and electricity. It was not worth calling a contractor to add this final pole, as it would have been quite expensive to get him back again in the future.

I drilled the hole of 15cm diameter and having levelled the pole. I poured one QUIKSET® Q700. 15 minutes later I had already set the panels up.

It is a fantastic solution which I must say holds very well.

If I think to myself I would have to bring over bags with concrete mixture, wheelbarrow, water and other equipment I don’t think I would ever do it on my own. Yet I did it – one, two, three – That’s it.

garden lamp installation
I used Quikset to install garden light on grass in front of my house in my garden. It took me only 2 hours with most of the time spent assembling elements altogether and anchoring lamp brackets.

As the lamps footing I used 2 pavers. I dug the hole and inserted the pavers longer side up direction one next to another with the electric cable between them. I poured Quikset all around to backfill the footing. The compound expanded and stiffened the pavers in the ground. Just after 10 minutes it was impossible to move – I was surprised.
I covered the stiffened footing with soil.

Then I used a chemical anchor for installing the bracket. The original hook studs sold with the bracket are meant to be installed in concrete when still wet. Therefore I had to cut the hooks out before setting in the chemical anchor. I connected the wiring and fixed the garden light to the bracked. – That was it!

PS. If I did this with the standard wet concrete method it would have taken me much longer and most likely not with such ease. The lamp could be installed only after a few days.
I tell you what, my wife was very happy 🙂




drill 1. Drill hole of a specified diameter [-look in the table in Technical Data Sheet or on label of product]. The depth of hole depends on the substrate type as well as the freezing depth of the terrain. The diameter of the hole should be adjusted to the thickness of the installed pole.

Please be aware that better results can often be achieved if the drilled hole is deeper and smaller in diameter ie. for a pole of 7x7cm dimensions it is enough to drilla hole with a diameter of 10cm.

2. If the hole is flooded, it is essential to remove water from the hole or cover it with sand or soil. Make sure that before QUIKSET cures it does not come into contact with water. After it has cured it is waterproof.

leveling up 3. Put the pole into the drilled hole and level it up. Place it in the correct position firmly enough so that it isn’t moved during the QUIKSET growing and curing process.

If the poles are installed in low temperatures, keep QUIKSET [season QUIKSET] at room temperature [20-25ºC]for at least 2 hours.
Changes of product temperature impact its final properties and the speed of reaction. Low temperatures slow the product growth process down and also effect its final volume. High temperatures increase the reaction speed and may result in more volume of the final cured product. Too rapid a reaction may impact the strength of the final cured footing.

3. Put the safety gloves on and prepare knife or scissors just in case they will be needed.

4. Remove the separating clip with one quick motion by pulling the ends of the bag aside.

mix 20sec 5. Once you have removed the separating clip thoroughly mix the two components by pulling the bag back and forth against an blunt edge ie. a pole. The mixing process should take around 20 second. WARNING!Do not mix for longer than 30 seconds, as this may result in the bag bursting and the content being released uncontrollably at a high pressure. This can be harmful.
pour 6. Tear the corner off where indicated and pour all of the contents into the hole carefully on each side of the pole.
level up 7. During the next 10 seconds you can make any corrections to the setting element as the substance starts to grow. For the next 3-5 minutes keep the pole still as QUIKSET expands and keep it this way until the process finishes. After another 1-2 minutes the pole stabilizing elements can be removed. QUIKSET should grow at least 10cm below ground level.
6 MIN If there is too little compound in the hole, it can be topped up from another bag after only 10 minutes.
After 15-30 minutes QUIKSET will be hard enough to cut the excess of the expanded compound off with a shovel or a knife. Then the hole should be covered with soil or sand to protect it from direct sun light. After another 2 hours you can apply loads to the fixed element.
Uncured QUIKSET can be removed with QUIKSET Clean 1 and a soft cloth. Clean all the product from the surface of the pole above the ground as well as from any hardware used, keep in mind that QUIKSET cures very fast.
When fully cured Quikset can be removed with a specialized cleaner QUIKSET Clean 2. For further information read the instructions on the product.
QUIKSET can be as fully removed mechanically by cutting it off with a saw or a knife. If doing so be careful not to damage the surface of the set element.
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QUIKSET® is a fast, light and durable innovative resin footing compound for installing wooden and metal posts and sections of various cross sections and shapes in the ground. It is a revolutionary alternative to heavy, dirty and time-consuming curing, ready to use concrete mixtures in bags. One or two component bags can even replace up to 3 bags of ready concrete mixture.

QUIKSET® is used for footing wooden or steel fences, road and information signs, garden lights, park benches, roofing, swings, picnic tables, playgrounds, flag poles, garbage bins, billboards and all types of park equipment or decorations. It can be used anywhere whenever an element must be installed into the ground. It is a revolutionary alternative to concrete which until now has always been used for the jobs.

QUIKSET®‘s compressive strength exceeds those of most soil ground types. This means that the ground is the weakest point in the connection and therefore will in most cases be responsible for the failure of an installation. QUIKSET® is resistant to temperature changes. It works perfectly in very low temperatures. As opposed to traditional concrete QUIKSET® is completely resistant to water, so it doesn’t erode over time.

The second bag of QUIKSET® can be poured right after the growth of compound finishes. It depends on weather conditions, but it normally only takes a few minutes. Afterwards QUIKSET® can be applied at any moment as it connects to each other perfectly no matter when we decide to do that.

This should be avoided. This can be very dangerous, as the compound will grow and put pressure on the bag. This could lead to the bag bursting and blow the content off in an unexpected direction. This may cause injury and/or damage property. For this reason the bag must be opened for disposing the content in a controlled way no later than one minute after the separating clip has been taken off.

QUIKSET® is a chemical compound and as with most chemical products its efficiency depends on temperature. It affects the speed as well as the volume of the final footing ie.

  • in higher temperatures QUIKSET® will grow faster and can create more volume than specified in technical data sheets
  • in lower temperatures QUIKSET® will grow slower and can create less volume than specified in technical data sheets

No matter the outside temperature, 2 hours before using QUIKSET®, it should be stored at room temperature [between 20 and 25 deg. C] to achieve for the best results.

Uncured QUIKSET® can be cleaned with special QUIKSET® Cleaner Before [1] by directly spraying the cleaning area. Please follow the instructions for QUIKSET® Cleaner Before [1]. The procedure relates to clothing as well as to equipment and other surfaces. More about QUIKSET® Cleaner Before [1]

The cured QUIKSET® can be cleaned only mechanically or with special QUIKSET® Cleaner After [2] by directly spraying the cleaning area. Please follow the instructions for QUIKSET® Cleaner After [2]. The procedure relates to clothing as well as to equipment and other surfaces. More about QUIKSET® Cleaner After [2]

In general in normal conditions with moderate temperatures the full cure of QUIKSET® takes approximately 2 hours. In higher temperatures it works faster and in low temperatures more slowly.
In extremely unfavorable conditions the full cure may take up to 24 hours.
While installing light panel fences or other that doesn’t require such high loads as ie. stretching mesh, QUIKSET® reaches sufficient level of durability after just several minutes.

QUIKSET® should be stored in originally packed bags in temperature between +5 and +25°C.

Yes it is almost completely waterproof. The poles set in QUIKSET® do not require any other protection against damp and water. The only exception is the bottom part of the wooden pole that is not covered in resin compound, as it is set in the hole before pouring QUIKSET®. Therefore it should be protected with special compounds against capillary penetration. Standard protection products are available at distributors specializing in insulators.

If there is water in the bottom of the hole it is essential to pump it out, wait until the ground absorbs it or cover it with sand or soil. If there is no standing water, there is no contraindication for the use of QUIKSET®.

QUIKSET® is sensitive to water until is cured, so for about 6 min. During this time it can not be in contact with water. It can only be used during rain when you can ensure a dry environment for the reaction to take place; no standing water in the hole and securing the growing resin from being in contact with water.

Selecting the diameter of the hole for our post to install, with QUIKSET® we apply the principle of “the less the better”. QUIKSET® becomes elastic and works with the ground from the moment after being installed so it does not crack unlike concrete. Therefore the thickness of resin around the pole is not as important as when using concrete.

Yes, it is possible to remove the pole from QUIKSET® footing. It first needs to be cut out with a sharp long tool. After the pole has been taken out it can be mechanically cleaned of the cured resin and used again for other installations.

When both components of QUIKSET® are mixed and cured, they create a compact structure, which doesn’t emit any harmful substances into either the ground or air.

There are two ways to calculate the exact amount of QUIKSET® required. One can use the rounded values from table placed on every label of product or use our Calculator by clicking on the link to the QUIKSET® Calculator on our web site.

If QUIKSET® grows over the ground level, let it cure and then cut the excess resin with a knife, spade, shovel etc. Remember to cover the footing with a few centimeters of soil, as QUIKSET® being sensitive to UV rays it will degrade if exposed.

Yes, the bags with QUIKSET® can be stored in unheated rooms and be subject to temperatures below 0 °C. Before use it is very important for QUIKSET® to settle in temperatures between 20°C -25°C for at least 2 hours.

QUIKSET® just like concrete has not been qualified as a building product and therefore does not require any Technical Approval. Even though, QUIKSET® has been tested again and again and is pending for the ITB Technical Recommendation for the intended use. It has been applied for the reason of giving our customers complete assurances that the resin footing compound complies to all stress requirements in the scope of its use.

Yes, cured QUIKSET® is not sensitive to acids in the ground. More than that, the layer of QUIKSET® the pole is buried in prevents the acidic environment in the ground from having any negative impact on the installed structure.

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